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Orthodontics for Teens

OMG!, My world is going to end! That can be a typical response when a teenager is told he or she will have to have braces.

Dr. Silva would like to assure all teens that those horror stories they have heard are not as bad as all that. Today the brackets are much smaller than they use to be and allow customization with different colors elastics and wire guides. You can wear your school colors or favorite team colors with pride!


How long will I have to wear braces?


The length of treatment depends on several factors, primarily it revolves around what issues have to be corrected. If you were lucky enough to go through an early treatment phase as a child, then additional orthodontic corrections may only take 1 year to complete. On the other hand if you have not had any prior orthodontic treatments then a typical course of treatment might be in the 2 year range. Every treatment plan is individual and depends on how well your body responds to treatment. Your willingness to listen, learn and look after your braces will play a big part in the success of your treatment.



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